Tile Choices that Will Work Well with Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is becoming one of the most popular home upgrades for homes and establishments in Bunbury. Compared to the bulky and traditional radiators, underfloor heating is easier to install and more energy-efficient. Moreover, since it is installed on top of floorboards or any type of subfloors, you can save more space and attain an excellent heat output for the whole surface area.

At Bunbury Tiling, we deliver top-quality flooring options for our customers who have an underfloor heating system in their homes. We want them to maximize the benefits of their underfloor heating, so we offer them highly durable and conductive tile choices. Whether you plan to install underfloor heating for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or any area in your home, our team can provide you with a flooring choice that can work well. Check out the best tile choices we recommend for underfloor heating.

What Is Underfloor Heating?

In a nutshell, underfloor heating is an independent heating system that is usually installed underneath any type of subfloors or floor covering. The two types of underfloor heating commonly used in residential and commercial establishments are hydronic and electric underfloor heating systems.

A hydronic underfloor heating system utilizes water-filled pipes that are connected to a heating source. The hot water is pumped through its system and conducts heat to the floor surface. On the other hand, an electric underfloor system uses the electrical elements embedded into its thin membrane to disperse heat to the floor surface. These two options can efficiently and quickly heat up a room. However, if you plan to have them, we advise hiring a certified team to ensure that the plumbing or electrical work is done according to safety and local standards.

Which Tiles Should You Choose?

Tiles are considered one of the ideal flooring choices for people with underfloor heating in their homes. However, with the diverse range of tile materials, finishes, colours and styles, picking the best tile option can be a bit confusing. So here are some of the tile choices we recommend if you have underfloor heating.

Ceramic Tiles

This tile option is usually manufactured using natural materials such as clay, quartz and sand. Due to that, ceramic tiles are durable and can withstand hot and humid temperatures. They can work well with hydronic or electric underfloor heating because they naturally have a thin profile. This feature can help effectively and evenly disperse the heat from the underfloor heating to the floor surface.

Porcelain Tiles

Another excellent tile choice is porcelain tiles. This tile type has a non-porous and hardwearing surface that can work well for high traffic areas. That is why we recommend porcelain tiles if you have underfloor heating in your kitchen or bathroom. Besides that, they are also resistant to stain and harsh weather elements, so you can also use this flooring choice for outdoor areas.

Natural Stone Tiles

Slate, marble and granite tiles are among the best natural stone tiles you can use with underfloor heating. They have a robust surface and are naturally conductive, so they are a suitable and efficient choice. Moreover, natural stone tiles can offer a unique and elegant finish to your space so you can achieve the functionality you require without compromising the curb appeal of your space.

Why Choose Tiles for Underfloor Heating?

This flooring choice can efficiently conduct heat from your underfloor heating and evenly disperse it to the whole surface of your floors.

You can conveniently install various tile types on any floor level.

Tile materials offer an aesthetically pleasing and elegant finish to your space.

Tile choices such as porcelain, ceramic and natural stones are extremely durable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to regularly maintain and clean them.

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