Tile Removal Bunbury

Tile Removal

Do you want to replace your home’s broken or outdated flooring? Removing a tile floor by yourself will take several days, a lot of energy, and result in a lot of dust that you’ll have to vacuum for months. Investing in dust-free floor removal relieves you of the burden of work while also ensuring that your home is tidy and ready for the flooring installation process.

Our groundbreaking equipment, built to vacuum up dust until it falls, is used to perform our residential tile demolition operation. Demolition dust can be dangerous to inhale since it contains crystalline silica crystals and can cause lung cancer in your family or pets.

Traditional Tile Removal Services cover the goods to prevent dust from settling on them, but airborne dust will take days to settle. With a Dust-Free Tile Removal Service, you won’t have to leave your home for fear of health risks, and you won’t have to vacuum your house ten times after!

Benefits of Dust-Free Tile Removal


If you opt for dust-free tile removal, it will take less than a day to complete the work without worrying about specks of dust around your property. You won’t also have to worry about spending more money on cleaning. If you can see, there are several extra costs associated with traditional removal, and this does not include any hidden costs. The only price you bear for dust-free is the compensation for the tile cleaning services you used.

Health Hazard-Free

Because of silica-based contaminants in the air inside your home following tile removal, the chance of medical problems like silicosis increases. You won’t have to think about this with dust-free tile removal because all hazards and dangers are avoided for both the residents of the house and the crew.

You could need to remove the tile floor for a variety of purposes. It may have broken when you were moving your refrigerator. Perhaps it’s a little too slippery as you get out of the tub. Or maybe you just want an improvement. You should consider contacting the professionals as this is not an ordinary project. That’s where Bunbury Tiling enters.

Why Bunbury Tiling?

We are experienced in removing tile floorings, including ceramic, porcelain, marble, stone, and clay. In reality, we’ve been in operation for quite some time. We know precisely what it takes to strip each form of tile effectively, leaving you with a floor that is ready for the next step.

We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail, removing any remnants of the removed tile, including the mortar often found under it. Our team of experts works well together. Many of our tasks were completed efficiently as a result of our dedication to teamwork. As part of the calculation process, time limits are set, and hitting deadlines is one of our top priorities. Of course, our schedules are subject to change.

During the estimation process of a potential project, we look forward to meeting our clients and welcoming them as though they were a part of our team. Our staff regards your home with the same reverence and care with which they treat their own. We take pride in the way we treat you; all experiences will be constructive and enjoyable, and all work will be done to your satisfaction.

Every day is an excellent day to contact us. If you need tile removal for your room, consult us right away for a free quotation, and we’ll remove your old tiles with ease. Not just that, but we also provide a variety of tile design services to assist you in getting brand new and attractive tiling.