Top Advantages of Large Format Tiles in Interior Design

Homeowners today are fortunate because they have a wide range of selection for materials and designs when it comes to home improvement projects. One of the materials that have been gaining popularity over the years is large format tiles. These tiles are not just big in size. They can also offer you significant advantages. Although they are widely used for commercial establishments, many homeowners in Bunbury are trying this unique aesthetic and using these tiles for various residential applications.

At Bunbury Tiling, our team strives to help our customers achieve their desired outcome for every tiling project we handle. That is why we want to share some of the valuable tips and recommendations we have learned in our extensive years of service in the field. So if you plan to have large format tiles in your space, we will help you know more about it. Look into the advantages that large format tiles can extend to you and your home.

What Are Large Format Tiles?

Before we dig into the functionality and advantages of large format tiles, it is vital to know what tile varieties can be considered as large format. Decades ago, a tile that has a 12-inch side was already considered a large format. However, through design innovations in the tiling industry, the typical size of a large format tile now is around 15-inches or more on at least one side. They can be square or rectangular, and most of them are made out of porcelain, ceramic or natural stones.

Advantages of Large Format Tiles

Sense of Spaciousness

You should measure the floor, wall, or room where you plan to install the tiles, no matter what functionality or design you require. This will help you determine the tile size that will best suit your space. Just like how light colours can provide an illusion of space to a room, large format tiles can also help give a sense of spaciousness to an area. Since there are lesser joints on the surface, it can visually extend the area and make the room appear to be larger than it really is.

Minimal Grout Lines

Another feature that makes large format tiles an excellent choice for indoor areas such as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom is that they have fewer grout lines than small tiles. It is an ideal choice for attaining a sleek and unified look because these tiles can provide more coverage and minimal grout lines. When installed correctly, the grout joints in the tiles will appear almost non-existent.

Easy Maintenance

Whether you decide to install tiles in your walls or floors, grout lines can be prone to stain and mould build-up. Deep cleaning your tile’s grout lines is one of the best solutions you can try. However, it can be a time-consuming chore. Since large format tiles have minimal grout lines, they are also easier to clean and maintain. So if you wish to say goodbye to hours of scrubbing and cleaning grout lines, large format tiles can be an excellent alternative for you.

Less Labor Intensive

Installing large format tiles is also less labour intensive because you can greatly reduce the installation time. Since it is larger, you will not need a lot of tiles to cover the whole wall, floor or any surface. Through that, you can easily assemble and install the tiles.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Aside from its practical uses, large format tiles can also upscale the aesthetic appeal of your space. The unified and clean finish that large format tiles provide can help create a contemporary theme for your kitchen, bathroom and living room. Besides that, these tiles are also offered in a wide selection of styles, materials and colours, so you can conveniently find the one that will best suit your interior design.

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