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When you are thinking of designing or renovating an old one, how well the bathroom is built and tiled is one of the most critical ways to make a lasting impression. Bathrooms are one of the most vital and often used areas of any home. As a result, it must be kept clean and usable at all times. Give your bathroom an ambience that exudes warmth and cleanliness because it, like every other room in your house, needs to be well-maintained.

You may know tile is excellent for bathrooms, but did you realize there are so many different bathroom tile ideas? You can still make a genuinely new bathroom tile design with thousands of options for sturdy, easy-to-clean tiles and countless patterns and arrangements.


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Types of Bathroom Tiles

Homeowners have a variety of titles to choose from for bathroom installations, providing a variety of designs. Bunbury Tiling has all kinds of tiles, including the ones mentioned below.

Wood Tiles

Wood floor tiles, though uncommon, can be used by the brave. These tiles have an exquisite style and a flawless finish. They will enhance the appearance of your bathroom. Still, if water penetrates the finish, the tile will rust and rot permanently. For a powder room, wood tiles are ideal.

Plastic Laminated Tiles

Bathroom tiles made of plastic laminate are another choice. These tiles are usually sold in planks and match well on a bathroom floor without requiring any significant height adjustments. The tiles are laminated with identical fabrics to make countertops, giving them a pleasing appearance. The tiles are also simple to scrub.

Subway Tiles

One of the most versatile choices is subway tile. It’s timeless and traditional, but it’s still contemporary. With subway tiles, there are a variety of shades, patterns, and textures to bring interest to your bathroom, as well as in plain white to highlight other design features. With contrasting grout shades, you can entirely transform the look of your subway tile.


Why Choose Bunbury Tiling for your Bathroom Tiling?

Bunbury Tiling is a specialist tiling company that will assist you with your tiling needs. We will send professional tile installers to your location to quickly strip the old tiles and replace them with new ones. You’ll soon be able to relax in your freshly tiled bathroom. We provide you with one of the quickest and most dependable methods for dealing with this home renovation. The experts will ensure that you are satisfied with the work we have completed.

We make sure the work is completed correctly on the first try. We understand why you want a luxurious bathroom that you can enjoy and be proud of. Having the right people working with you, the procedure doesn’t have to be as costly or time-consuming as you expect. Bunbury Tiling is the company to call if you need quality tradesmen to complete your project. We offer a wide variety of tiling facilities.

We will assist you with tiling your conservatory or installing tiles in your bathroom to give it a more upscale and professional appearance. Feel free to contact us. We will be willing to schedule a visit and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.