Top 5 Uses of Mosaic Tiles for Your Home

One of the most favoured and trendiest tile options in Bunbury are mosaic tiles. Due to its versatility in design, it can be used in different settings. With their distinctive patterns, colours, texture and appeal, mosaic tiles can drastically enhance the character and personality of any space. From kitchens, bathrooms, feature walls indoors, and even as a decorative feature outdoors – this tiling option can offer a timeless aesthetic appeal and functionality to your property.

Just like how a piece of jewellery can elevate the overall look of an outfit – by adding mosaic tiles as an accent or statement piece, you can also complete the overall curb appeal of your home. However, with so many mosaic tile options offered in the market, starting a project may seem complicated at first. If you want to jumpstart your plans but don’t know how to get started, our expert tillers got your back.

At Bunbury Tiling, we aim to aid our clients throughout the project. Whether it is tile installation, repair or a total overhaul, we guarantee that we can be the team you can depend on. If you plan to have mosaic tiles in your space, knowing how and where you can best use them is vital. So here are some of the ways mosaic tiles can add a “wow” factor to your home.

Feature Walls

Mosaic tiles are one of the best tiles you can use on feature walls. Whether you plan to have a feature wall in your shower, vanity, living room, kitchen or outdoor area, mosaic tiles can be your best pick. With the range of eye-catching and unique designs available, finding colour and design schemes that will match and upscale the look of your space will not be a tough job. Besides that, there are also mosaic tiles suitable for hardscape areas, so you don’t have to worry about their durability and functionality when used outdoors.


Mosaic tiles are also one of the most sought-after flooring choices in Bunbury. Since it can withstand heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear without sustaining noticeable damage, many residents choose mosaic tiles for their kitchen, bathroom, living room, and even on their pathways.

Splashbacks and Island Panels

If you wish to add a luxurious and functional accent to your kitchen, you can try adding a splashback made of mosaic tiles. This tile option is not just eye-catching. It is also hard-wearing. Mosaic tiles can give your kitchen a boost in aesthetic appeal without compromising the practical uses you require. You can also opt to integrate mosaic tiles in your kitchen island panels so they will match with your splashback.


Have you heard about the concept of “zoning”? It is becoming a trend for many households. Through this strategy, you can create a more intimate and welcoming setting on big open-plan areas using an accent or statement piece on a particular zone. With mosaic tiles, you can design some sections of the walls or floors to effectively create visually smaller spaces in the room.

Outdoor Décor

Mosaic tiles can lift the overall curb appeal of your outdoor area. You can jazz up your deck, patio or swimming pool area with a dash of mosaic tiles. You can create simple or intricate designs using mosaic tiles and incorporate them on your exteriors’ walls, seating area, or floors.

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