5 Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for Tiles

Choosing the right tile for your property in Bunbury can be a bit challenging, especially for people who may only have little knowledge about it. Since there is a vast collection of tile materials, designs, colours and finishes offered out there, the limitless pool of options can be a bit overwhelming.

There can be a lot of factors to take into consideration when you plan to add tiles to your home. Buying the most aesthetically pleasing or expensive tile will not suffice because it may not have the functionality you require. So if you are scouring for suitable tiles for your home, our friendly professionals at Bunbury Tiling got you covered!

For you to determine what tiles will work best for your home, office or commercial establishment, our team will share with you some practical tips we have learned through our extensive years of providing tiling services in Bunbury. Discover the five factors to consider when choosing the right tiles for your property.

Area of Installation

One of the vital factors you should take into account is the space where the tiles will be installed. Since different tile materials have different properties, uses, and advantages, determining the right type of tile for that particular area is essential. Are you planning to install the tiles indoor or outdoor? Tiles installed indoor have different qualities from those installed outdoors. For instance, tiles for outdoor installation should withstand exposure to elements and heavy foot traffic. Besides that, you should also consider the size of the area that you want to tile. This will help you gauge the budget you will need and the design schemes you can use for the area.

Tile Material

At Bunbury Tiling, we offer an excellent collection of tile materials to our customers. Each of the tile materials we offer has different aesthetic properties and functionalities. That is why it is essential to determine what tile material is ideal and most suited for certain areas in your home. Our seasoned experts can guide you throughout this process. Here are some of the tile materials we can offer to you:





Natural Stone


Tile Size

The size of the tiles you are going to use is also vital because it can affect the overall look and ambience of the area you plan to install. If you want to lessen the pattern effects of grout and make your space appear more spacious, you can opt for larger tiles. On the other hand, smaller tiles are a good choice for bathroom flooring, kitchen walls, feature walls, and accents.

Colour and Style of the Tiles

The colour and style of the tiles you will use can mainly depend on your personal preference. However, it is also advised that you consider the general ambience and personality you want to achieve for that area. Do you want it to be a relaxing space, or do you prefer it to be a unique and eye-catching area? If you are unsure of your options, you can consult with our seasoned designers to help you choose the right tile colour and style.


The grouts in your tiled areas should be properly sealed to ensure that you can avoid staining and make your tiles more long-lasting. Besides that, it is also essential to consider the colour of the grout. If you wish to achieve a neat and cohesive look, you can opt for grout with a matching colour to your tile. However, if you prefer to attain a more dramatic and emphasized look for your tiles, you can go for grout with contrasting colours.

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